Stronghold of the Damned

DM Challenge
want bonus to your character?

Ok, here’s the challenge, I have manage to acquire 4 copies of an amazing character sheet. If you are interested, you can get this from me for use in this campaign. anyone able to fill in the info on the personality page with at least a moderate amount of depth will get a free Ring of Sustenance, plus 1 other mystery item!

Opening blog
Welcome blog


I originally looked into this site by accident while trolling for game resources. However, as I picked away at the various parts of the site, I wanted to try it out, and started laying out a basic adventure. It has sprung to life, spawning new ideas, and even inspiring me to speak to an expert in D&D about rebuilding a way certain … things … operate in the game.

What has come of it? A campaign that will take adventurers on a journey that they will assume the flow for a bit, only to realize that, this time, they have no idea where they will be when the dust settles!

I’m looking at putting some more polish on this rough-cut, and am hoping that everyone will be interested in playing this campaign on something of a regular schedule. Please, let me know if you are interested and we can use the forums to hash out some schedules, character set up rules, and the like.


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While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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