Welcome to Stronghold of the Damned!

Please be sure to utilize the forums to communicate, plan, divvy treasure, etc.!!!
new calendar is available to plan with!!! Please use this to watch for potential gaming dates

At this time this is likely to be a 6th 4th level adventure “good aligned”, Forgotten Realms setting in the Amn region.

I will be ok with class choices from some of the “out there” sources, including Libris Mortis, PH2 and the Complete (insert), other selections need to be run by me just to be sure it’ll work.
I will award bonus starting xp and/or items for extra character effort, like a .jpg character image, detailed back story, or other bits of unique effort. Also, extra xp is to be awarded to the “scribes” – someone who jots notes for each session and posts it in the Adventure Log.

Please use the link above to get to the basic/intro-level chronicle of the campaign. Please go to the “Adventure Log” for the scribe listing of each gaming session. Also consider looking at the “Maps” section for a world view, the “Characters” section for PC and NPC info ("who was that guy/girl/goblin that told us…?), and the Items section for info on specific, Campaign-related items.

Thank you, and happy adventuring!

Stronghold of the Damned

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